About Us

UpEnergy makes clean energy technologies available to people in the developing world. By creating partnerships with technology manufacturers, local distributors, and carbon project developers, UpEnergy creates carbon credits from the distribution of products like high efficiency cookstoves, water purification technologies and solar lights.

Born out of Impact Carbon, a 501(c)3, UpEnergy is committed to leveraging carbon markets to serve the energy needs of the poor while offering investors a highly scalable, investment-grade opportunity that generates meaningful social impact.

Up Energy Projects

The founders of UpEnergy have an industry leading track record quantifying the greenhouse gas emission reductions created by clean technologies and selling them to credit-worthy buyers.

UpEnergy currently has a pipeline of carbon-funded projects including a Voluntary Gold Standard (GS) cookstove project in Uganda and a CDM Program of Activities (PoA) of cookstoves in Uganda. To learn more about opportunities for involvement in these projects, please contact us.

Partnership Friendly

Our most significant collaboration to date has been with Premier Green, a Ugandan for-profit entity. UpEnergy has provided business management consultation support and short term credit in order to help the local founders of Premier Green build a profitable warehousing, distribution and retailing franchise in Uganda.

We are always looking for in-field partners with access to local markets to help us expand our footprint and achieve our social mission. Contact us if you’ like to discuss the potential for partnership.

Team Building

We are hiring! Click on a job posting below to view a PDF of the job description.

Please email us for more information on openings.