UpEnergy specializes in market validation of consumer products in East Africa. Focus groups and surveys generate insights which we validate and update with data gathering test sales. Our network of direct sales agents and partner distributors help us test market acceptance. Test sales oriented towards data capture lead to far better market information than surveys and focus groups alone.

Tests include:

  • In-house product testing of quality, usability, durability and assembly time (where appropriate).
  • In-field testing conducted through our direct sales team, SmartHome and our in-country distribution partners includes
    • Price testing through second price auctions and controlled testing groups.
    • Usability and consumer appeal testing through product demonstrations, test sales and customer satisfaction surveys.

We have partnered with suppliers to conduct market testing on the below products:


Solar Lights:

Water Purification Units:

UpEnergy is passionate about finding product-market fit in the areas where we work. We can design and conduct marketing testing of your product. For more information, please Contact us.

The UpEnergy team develops best practices around effective marketing messages, end user engagement, and carbon record keeping. These techniques are transferred to our distribution partners in coordinated “field pairings.” The UpEnergy sales team accompanies distributors on sales trips to demonstrate the methods.  UpEnergy also supports distribution partners with back office accounting, logistics, links to prospective sub-regional partners and clients, and marketing materials.