Sales and Distribution

UpEnergy brings aspirational clean energy and health products within reach of low-income customers. UpEnergy customers rely on us for high-quality and long-lasting fuel-efficient cookstoves to help them save up to 50% charcoal consumption and enjoy cleaner and healthier cooking.

UpEnergy’s SmartHome retail brand is known for quality and reliability. We operate regional distribution hubs and build distribution relationships with retail chains and small retailers. To truly know our customers through data and customer insights, we also sell directly through the SmartHome sales force.

UpEnergy’s experience spans distribution channels and allows us to design and manage sales initiatives to deliver the most value to customers of SmartHome appliances. This also allows us to understand product usage over time and maximize the carbon cutting power of our sales.

Marketing Highlight


Bundle items:

  • Customers buy cookstove and get small gift