UpEnergy fights poverty, improves health, and protects forests by making clean energy technologies available to people in the developing world. These technologies include high-efficiency cookstoves, solar lights and water purification.

UpEnergy is technology agnostic, focusing instead on sourcing the best possible solutions for local contexts. UpEnergy sources products locally and is committed to working with local manufacturing to develop products that meet stringent quality and design standards.

UpEnergy identifies high-quality products that are aspirational, locally appropriate, durable, and sufficiently affordable for the segments we target. We test technologies using test sales, focus groups, surveys and laboratory tests.

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Clean Cookstoves:

UpEnergy’s Ugandan local brand, SmartHome, distributes fuel-efficient charcoal cookstove. Our cookstove

  • reduces charcoal consumption by up to 50%
  • emits less smoke and thus make cooking a healthier experience
  • is durable and long-lasting, and comes with a one-year warranty period

Customer Ogwanga Grace, from Mbuya zone, Kampala, is very happy with the high-quality SmartHome stove. All other smaller traditional clay stoves have broken very fast, she says, but this one lasts long, and also helps her save a lot of money on charcoal!

Future Technologies

UpEnergy is always testing new technologies to best serve our customers each market. For more information, Contact us.